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-Recommended Music -- Site Map -

= Easiest Piano / Keyboard (includes all lyrics):
Electronic Keyboard Starter Kits
- for Kids (mostly!)

Easy Electronic Keyboard Collections
- for kids and adults

= Easy Piano (includes all lyrics):
Big Note Piano Songbooks - I
Big Note Piano Songbooks - II

Beginning Adult Recommended Collections
Easy Piano Collections --- Children / Family
Easy Piano --- Composer / Performer
- Shania Twain, Irving Berlin, etc.

Easy Piano --- Broadway
Easy Piano --- Movies / TV
Easy Piano --- Soft Rock - Jazz - Country
Easy Piano - ROCK and BLUES and - Old Oldies!!
Easy Piano Recommended Mixed - I
Easy Piano Recommended Mixed- II
Easy Piano Recommended Mixed- III
Easy Piano Classical: Library Of Easy Piano Vol. 1
- Best easy classical collection in print, period!

Easy Piano Classical: Library Of Easy Piano Vol. 2

= Piano Solo: Intermediate to Advanced
Early Intermediate Piano
Intermediate Piano with Instructional CD
- Excellent for home study, the CD's help!

Piano Duet Sheets (1 piano 4 hands)
Piano Duet Collections (1 piano 4 hands)
New Age Piano Recommended Collections - Int. to Adv.
Enya, Brickman, Yanni, etc.

Selected Outstanding Piano Collections Music Sales
Piano Solo Artists Transcriptions and Arrangements
- the most comprehensive listing on the Internet for intermediate to very advanced jazz piano

Piano Solo Advanced Collections
Piano Solo Ragtime and Early Blues Piano Library
- Best Ragtime collection in print from any publisher.

= Classical Piano:
Bach - Piano Solo
Beethoven - Piano Solo
Brahms - Piano Solo
Chopin - Piano Solo -- A through M
Chopin - Piano Solo -- N through Z
Intermediate Piano Recommended Collections

= Classical Piano: Authoritative Editions
Henle Urtext - The most authoritative editions in print.
Henle Urtext Catalog Listings

Henle Urtext Hardcover Editions
- All hardcover editions maintained in stock at all times,
the most authoritative editions in print.
Henle Urtext Site (Germany) Search and Order Link

C.F. Peters / Belaieff / Hinrichsen / Heinrichshofen

Andre - to - Handel Piano DUET (Edition Peters)
Haydn - to - Zipp Piano DUET (Edition Peters)


LARGE PRINT MUSIC: - (for the visually impared)
Large Print Music

Sacred and Secular Recommended Collections
Popular Music Collections


= Guitar Classical:
Guitar Instructional books
The Library of Guitar Classics
The Library of Easy Guitar Classics
Guitar Classical (Peters Edition): Aguado - to - Mamlok
Guitar Classical (Peters Edition): Mendelssohn - to - Weiss

= Guitar Popular:
Guitar - Easy Guitar Mixed Collections
Guitar - Rock Guitar Mixed Collections
Guitar - Rock Guitar Anthologies
Guitar - Fingerstyle
The Legends Of Rock Guitar
The Essential Classic Rock Guitar Fakebook
The Greatest Rock Guitar Fake Book
The Guitar Tab White Pages
Warner Bros. Guitar with Tablature
Guitar and Bass Guitar videos
BASS Guitar
CATALOG Guitar Popular

Violin - Popular
Violin Complete C.F. Peters Classical Catalog

SOFTWARE: Transcription Software (beginner to advanced):
Transcription Software
- for transcribing from any format
(CD's, Cassettes, WAV, MP3, etc.)

Hal Leonard Search/Order Link
- largest popular music publisher in the cosmos. . .

What's New
Note: new listings are now being directly added to categories, instead of to the "What's New" area. Saves us time in web management.


Vocal Solo, Art and Popular Music:
Vocal Solo With Accompaniment CDs - I
Vocal Solo With Accompaniment CDs - II
- the above two pages the most popular on the web site for accomplished singers
Musical Theatre Anthologies (Broadway)
- from original vocal scores, not watered-down arrangements.
Complete Vocal Scores
- entire musicals, used for production rehearsals
(Vocal Scores A to L)
(Vocal Scores L to Z)

Fake Books in C, B-flat, E-flat:
Fake Books Contents Page
Huge collections, melody line, lyrics, chord symbols
Recommended Fake Books:

Jazz Ensemble Web Pages: WEDDING MUSIC:
Wedding Music - Piano/Vocal/Guitar
Wedding Music - Organ
Wedding Music - Piano Solo
Wedding Music - Vocal

Piano/Vocal/Guitar (PVG is the standard sheet music format, intermediate level, all lyrics, chord symbols and guitar fretboards above the staff)
Patriotic Music (USA)
Rock and Roll Music
Rock and Roll Music - 1
Songs of the Decade Series
Rock, Broadway, Country
Remembering the 90's
Reader's Digest Collections (Hardcover)
TV Music Collections
Disco Music
Irish Music - and England, Scotland, Wales
Latin Music Collections
80 Years of Popular Music
Music Vault - huge collection out of print music

= Named Personality Collections:
Artist/Band collections - Over 470 collections listed.
Recommended Personality Folios

Christmas and Holiday Music

Children's Recorder Fun Series - Music with a Recorder Included
Percussion Videos
Portable Music (or book) Stand - for Electronic Keyboards
Metronomes - Keywound
Digital Metronomes, Guitar Tuners, Chromatic Instrumental Tuner.

= Dictionaries of Music:
Oxford Dictionary of Music and others

Piano Servicing, Tuning & Rebuilding - The most authoritative book in print.
Hi-tech lubricants for pianos
Piano Tuning Levers / Mutes / etc.

Poeschl Artist Benches
- High quality adjustable benches for Grand Pianos
Poeschl Upright Piano and Grand Piano Solid Wood and Padded Benches
Electronic Keyboard Benches

Jansen Piano Benches - flagship of the industry: Jansen is the only bench manufacturer for Steinway, Baldwin, Yamaha, and other high-end pianos.
- Adjustable Grand Piano Artist benches and Upright Piano Benches, Grand Benches, Electronic Keyboard, etc. As the primary online agent for Paul Jansen, we sell more Jansen benches than anyone on or off the Internet - highest quality benches, lowest prices, online since 1995.

Piano Bench Pads
Bench pads in a variety of colors and sizes.

Piano Chair - the only solution for your aching back. . .

Grand Piano Covers - select from macintosh fabric, vinyl, nylon padded, or heavy-duty padded moving quality covers.

Piano Stools

Casters Cups for Piano Legs
Pedal Extensions - Piano Pedal Platform - for children to reach the pedals

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